US Government approves AGOA textile and apparel visa for Togo


The United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer on Wednesday declared he approved an AGOA textile and apparel visa for Togo.

Lighthizer made the announcement in Lome, Togo during the 16th AGOA forum held in the West African nation.

'I have just signed a letter approving an AGOA textile and apparel visa for Togo. This important step will permit Togolese entrepreneurs to take advantage of the many textile and apparel benefits available under the AGOA program. And we wish them all the best in this endeavor', the US official said.

Lighthizer said the United States see great potential to grow and deepen their trade relationship, with the goal of establishing a true partnership for the future.

The official said the new decision is meant to lower barriers and tackle other constraints that impede trade and investment.

'We are poised to see U.S.-Africa trade flourish. To realize these gains, however, much more work needs to be done', he said.